Highest Quality of Duplex Steel bars and rods are available at Dynamics Alloys at a very affordable rate. These bars and rods are manufactured with defect free raw materials which are sourced from trusted suppliers. Machinery used in production of these bars and rods are equipped in our manufacturing unit and are operated by our trained professionals. Each process is done with diligence ensuring maximum production. We stock various bars and rods to manage the high demand of our customers. All bars and rods are tested and inspected to ensure it is durable. We deliver our products with safe packaging and ensure it is available to you on time.

Duplex Steel Bright bars are highly resistant to chloride stress corrosion cracking. Duplex 2205 Bright bars have good strength, weldability and workability. S31803 Hex bars have excellent general corrosion resistance. S32205 Polished bars resist pitting and crevice corrosion. Our Duplex Bars and Rods are applicable in fuel gas desulfurization equipment, food processing equipment, chemical processing vessels, heat exchangers, Bleach washers, oil field piping and many more.

Dynamic Alloys is your one stop source for all your Duplex Steel Bars and Rods requirements. For any requirement of DUplex Steel bars and Rods contact us today and our experts will get back to you with the best quote for Duplex Steel bars and rods.

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