Hastelloy flanges of the highest quality and at best rates are available at Dynamic alloys. We have flanges of various types . All these flanges are free from defects as top quality raw materials are used in its manufacturing. To ensure durability and reliability of our flanges we use the best machinery for manufacturing of these products and pass them through various tests and quality checks. We stock these flanges to manage the high demands of the market and customers. We have the best warehouse facilities which are controlled by our staff.

Hastelloy flanges have excellent outstanding localised corrosion resistance. It also prevents uniform attack. Hastelloy C22 prevents Blind from oxidation at elevated temperature. Hastelloy C276 resists flanges from sulfuric, nitric, hydrochloric, chromic and various other acids. It has various properties like ease of welding and fabrications. Hastelloy C22/C276 flanges have excellent stress corrosion cracking resistance. We supply our flanges in various industries like Industrial heat exchanger, oil and gas production, chemical processing, food processing, petroleum, aerospace, marine applications, constructions, pharmaceutical, etc.

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